Education Solutions

Education Solutions

Lizabeta Solutions LLC offers a wide range of ICT solutions to educational institutions. We show you the way to enhance the traditional classroom into a smart classroom where teaching is a smart interactive content delivery, students interact with modern communication facilities and teacher wraps up the session with a gamut of knowledge acquired by students.

Smart School Solutions

We design and set up of smart classroom with modern communication facilities including Interactive White Boards, e-beam technology to enhance the quality of delivery of curriculum, content solution to add value to the hardware platforms, high speed internet facilities.

School Management Software solution

School Management Software solution, Teacher-Parent-Management interaction online, Attendance recording systems, Security solutions through digital camera network etc.

Comprehensive and continuous Assessment

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Managed IT Solutions for Schools

Many IT departments in schools are overwhelmed by managing your network and helping your teachers with technical issues in the classroom. Our managed IT solutions for schools let your IT team focus on their core tasks while assuring you that your network and devices are safe and secure.

Whether you’re a large or small academic institution, it’s easy for help requests to pile up fast. Our 24/7 IT help desk and desktop support for schools provides the assistance your teachers, students and staff need whenever, wherever.

Teachers and administrators are always on the move, whether between classrooms or meetings. They’re also keeping up-to-date on emails from students, co-workers and more. Our mobile device management and network security tools keep up the hustle with the added benefit of security monitoring.

Unified Communications Solutions for Schools

Keeping your teachers, administrators and students connected is essential in today’s technological age of online classes and learning activities. Our unified communications solutions for schools in the New York Metropolitan area help you do just that — and more.

Moving across campus, taking field trips or heading for a semester abroad, can all lead to moments where you need to know where a staff member is or whether they’re available to answer a quick question. Presence lets you do that with ease and speed.

With tighter budgets, the Bring-Your-Own-Device (BYOD) movement helps alleviate the costs of purchasing cell phones for your teachers and administrators. Whether classrooms are taking a field trip or you need to touch base with a co-worker who’s away, you can do it through a secure connection and device.

Lizabeta Solutions LLC uses communications technology to transform and improve the education environment. We streamline communications architecture, integrate a myriad of communications devices and deliver unified communications and specialized applications that provide staff and students with both information and access.
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